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Thursday, November 15, 2018 14:38:25

Africa SW 2018: 9 Chobe Princess houseboat to home

Monday, November 12, 2018

The elephant herd were coming down to the river as we gathered for our final breakfast. We will miss seeing them along the shore at each meal. It has been a very idyllic lifestyle for the last days. The houseboat headed downstream as we packed our cases. A tender took us to the Namibia customs area where a vehicle had been arranged to take us up the hill to immigration and back to the boat/ We were dropped us at a game lodge where we used their comfortable lounge area and internet while waiting for our airport transfer. Allan & Hillery, our traveling companions, went directly to the airport for their flight to the Delta.

There were few people in the airport, and no lines at security or immigration. The two hour flight was in a very comfortably fitted Embraer 190 of South African Airlines. At the Johannesburg Airport we had disembark on portable stairs and bus to the terminal. There were 3 giant A318 aircraft in the same area, but I can't imagine how they would deal with the hundreds of passengers these planes carry with stairs and buses.

Tonight we stayed in the City Lodge at OR Tambo Airport. It is build on top of parking garage two, and although it is a bit of a walk, it is not necessary to leave the terminal to get to it. The rooms are nice, and the food in the bar was delicious. South Africa is a great country for excellent food.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

It was nice not having to leave the hotel to get to the airport this morning. The people at security and immigration were friendly and the line ups moved well. The Premium Lounge supplies lounge service for a number of airlines, including LATAM. While we are not looking forward to flying LATAM again, the lounge was perfect with different comfortable rooms and an extensive breakfast buffet.

The 11 hour flight was on a Boeing 767 again, with the same uncomfortable beds and no power outlets. Service and food were OK although staff spoke only Portuguese, but I'll not fly LATAM again if there is another option. The night was at the nearby Mariz Guarulhos where we stayed when headed for Africa. When we asked a staff member who spoke English why so few people ever in tourism spoke only Portuguese he said it was because only rudimentaryEnglish is taught in the schools, and no Spanish.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

It was a 3:30 AM wake-up this morning to take the hotel shuttle to the airport, where formalities were quick and friendly with few other travellers there yet. We ere back on an Avianca A330 for the 5 hour flight to Lima, Peru.. The flat bed seats were much more comfortable and the extras offered much better.

In Lima things turned for the worst – even to get to the transit lounge it was necessary to go through a long, slow security process where people were continually being turned back for any little thing by unfriendly employees. Then we were informed Avianca has no lounge here for our 3 hour wait. Marilynn went to the Avianca office where there were huge lines to get restaurant and internet vouchers. Regular travellers were saying Lima has the worst airport in South America- I'm believe it.

Marilynn came back with two $15 restaurant vouchers, good only in one restaurant that was too far from where we are waiting to be worth while. They also provided internet vouchers good for two hours. It is amazing after so many positive airport experiences to come to one where everyone seems to be surly and give the appearance of hating their jobs. We'll do our best to avoid future connections through Lima.

The 3 hour flight to Costa Rica on a comfortably equipped A320 was fun. There were individual screens with a large selection of movies, and fellow who was our flight attendant had a great sense of humour and a heavy pouring arm for the drinks. We arrive ahead of schedule, and after buying booze at the duty free we were picked up by Carlos, our caretaker. It is permitted to buy 5 or 6 bottles of duty free alcoholon the way into Costa Rica.

Our next planned trip will be in July, when we will go to the Serengetiin Tanzania to follow the great migration of wildebeest and zebra, where nearly 2 million animals move in search of water. Apparently they lose about 200,000 animals to predatorsand other causes along the route.