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About this Site

The Travel Web site was initially created as a gift for Dan Walker's 60th birthday from his son, Paul Walker, and is maintained as hobby and updated as time permits.

Where is Dan
Follow Dan across the globe! Using satellites and a Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies, Dan is able to transmit his coordinates on a regular basis (providing he can find an Internet connection in the country he is in).

Photo Album
See Dan's adventures through photographs in his Photo Album. Dan is able to upload his photos and comments into trip specific photo albums on the Travel Web site.

Travel Journals
Dan always sends out regular travel journal updates via email to his Travel mailing list, which are also automatically posted to Website for anyone to read. Journals are sorted by trip and date. All the journals are searchable.

Originally the maps were generated in 2001 using the (now defunct) Xerox PARC Map Server and the map colourization was a painful manual process. All maps are now generated using the Google maps API.

The original Website was custom written from scratch in Spring 2001 using the PHP 2.0 Web development language and a MySql database. The Travel Web site was ground up re-written using modern PHP in the Winter of 2019.

Questions & Answers

Who developed this Website?
All programing and Web design was done by Paul Walker and is hosted on my domain Paul can be emailed at:

How do I contact Dan Walker?
Dan Walker can be emailed at:

How do I report a problem or get removed from the mailing list?
If you are experiencing any problems in use the Web site, or if you wish to be removed from the Travel Journal mailing list, please send email to: