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Journal Entry:

Friday, August 19, 2011 11:26:21

Rolls Alaska to Argentina & back: 40 Palm Desert, California to Victoria, BC, Canada

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

*Miles for the day: 308 (496 km) Miles to date: 22,431 (36,099 km)*

We were driving through Palm Desert and Palm Springs by 7:45. It was early enough to be cool, and once over the mountains to Los Angeles it was also cool. We stopped for gas at a 7/11 store, a mistake we won't repeat! No US gas stations have had any service, but this one went a step further. Marilynn went in to pay for gas, as most require a US postal code to accept credit cards at the pump, but they wouldn't permit a charge of over $25. We went across the street to another station where they held the credit card until the total charge was determined. The exception we have found to the "pay inside first" rule is Chevron, so we watch for them.

Jacob did well navigating through a series of freeway changes in LA until we were on I5 north. We had one close call with gas, as the exit where we would top up was closed due to road paving, but I drove across the median of the freeway and exited coming the other way. Getting back onto the freeway was through a maze of back roads, following local directions.

Once back across the mountains from LA it was very hot - the predicted temperature this morning on TV was 109 F (43 C) and it was all of that. We stopped at 3 PM at the Harris Ranch, which has a huge pool and a good steak restaurant.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

*Miles for the day: 444 (715 km) Miles to date: 22,875 (36,814 km)*

We were underway by 5:45 AM, watching the sunrise while travelling through farm country. At our first gas stop a McDonald's breakfast warded off starvation. We hit a lengthy construction stretch, but basically the going was good. Once passed Redding, California we climbed into the mountains and the temperature became comfortably cool. Tonight's stop was in Ashton, Oregon.

Oregon was the first place in the US where we encountered service at the gas pump - we are told full service exists throughout the state.

Thursday, August 13 & Friday, August 12, 2011

*Miles for the day: 158 (254 km) Miles to date: 23,033 (37,068 km)*

It was an easy run to Creswell, Oregon, where friend Gayle Hickok had arranged accommodation at the Super 8. Gayle arrived at the motel just before 11, and I took the Rolls over to the I5 Tire Factory where he had made an appointment to put on new tires, brake drums, and brakes which had been shipped and were ready for installation.

Back at the hotel Jacob and Gayle's grandson Jaxson got into the pool while Gayle and I discussed marketing strategies for our condo development in Costa Rica over a couple of beer.

In the afternoon Gayle drove us to Eugene, where we visited a couple of malls to take advantage of sales tax free shopping. When we returned I checked the car to find the damage caused by speed bumps was much more extensive than I'd imagined. It caused problems with the installation of the new brake drums, so the car will not be finished on schedule. With car problems and flight costs it is no longer practical to drive to the Rolls Royce Club annual meet in Lake Tahoe, something I had wanted to do.

On Saturday Gayle picked us up around noon, with his boat in tow, to go to nearby Dotena Lake, a beautiful spot. On the way we stopped at a deli to put together lunch, eaten on the shore of the lake under sunny skies. After lunch the boat was launched and Jacob had his first experience on a towed fabric covered inner tube. He did well, falling into the only lake once. Even when the tube flew over the choppy water he managed to hold on. Unfortunately, Jaxon wasn't feeling well, so couldn't participate.

The Rolls was ready on our return, so I moved it to the hotel parking lot before going to a restaurant across from the hotel for dinner.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

*Miles for the day: 197 (317 km) Miles to date: 23,230 (37,385 km)*

It was an easy morning, with breakfast at 8:30 and departure at 9:30. We were going to stay in Portland, but Marilynn preferred to return to a mall we had seen 20 miles back down the highway to pick up some small items. The front end of the car is shuddering badly in spite of wheel balance and alignment, so it is just as well I gave up on attending the annual meet.

We drove through the old part of Portland, and then stopped in Jantzen Beach just before the Washington border. After a food court lunch we went to Burlington, a huge store with excellent prices and good selection. Once into Washington we stopped at Lewis River where we took a room at the Lewis River Inn. We ended up in a Mexican restaurant for dinner after discovering it was the only one in the area that sold beer & drinks!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

*Miles for the day: 207 (333 km) Miles to date: 23,437 (37,718 km)*

This morning it was a straightforward trip through moderate then heavy traffic to Anacortes, Washington. I was surprised that Sunday traffic was so dense in the Seattle area - at times we were completely stopped. We stayed at the Marina Hotel in Anacortes for the night as today's ferries were all booked - tomorrow morning was the first reservation I could get. Dinner was at the superb Anthony's Restaurant at the marina.

Monday, August 15, 2011

*Miles for the day: 27 (43 km) Miles to date: 23,464 (37,762 km)*

We were only 5 miles from the ferry, and having a reservation processing was simple. It is always a beautiful trip through the San Juan Islands to Sidney, B.C. and in sunshine like today even more so.

Jacob's parents were waiting to meet him at the ferry terminal, so we had lunch on the way into Victoria to celebrate the end of another epic journey. Now it will be back to business until the next trip!